What does a prime number sound like?
What does it look like?

Prime Symphony is created using randomly-generated prime numbers.
A new one every day.
Primes are some of the most unique and unpredictable numbers in mathematics. They were long thought to have no practical purpose at all, but are now widely used incryptography algorithms in computer security.
Prime Symphony explores ideas related to the concept of computer-generated
and computer-created art. Humans create the algorithms.The algorithms create sound and images from the properties of the prime number.
Is it art? If so, who is the artist?
The machine, the algorithm or the programmer?

Just like prime numbers, there is an infinite number of potential artworks and soundscapes. We'll only be able to watch and listen to a finite number of those.
Until it appears, the end result remains a mystery to all exceptthe algorithms creating it.
What is this?
Prime Symphony is a multimedial exhibition of generative art that brings sound and visuals to some of the most interesting and eccentric numbers that exist. Each day a new art piece is generated, portraying a specific, randomly generated prime number. Without any human input, but with just a painting robot and a sonification algorithm, each number is transformed into a symphonic soundscape and an abstract painting emerging throughout the day.
South Hall of the Huygens building, FNWI faculty at Radboud universiteit in Nijmegen, Netherlands
November 8th – December 24th 2021

Previous Primes

A new Prime is being generated and painted every day at the Huygens building at Radboud universiteit in Nijmegen.
Below you can see the previously created artworks.
Click on them to listen

How It Works

Algorithms man.


Prime Symphony is a production from the art collective INVASIV.

Duncan Geere

British information designer and generative artist from Sweden. Host of the podcast @loudnumbers.

Maaike Heijdenrijk

Change Maker and mathematician from the Netherlands.

Johan Leion

Conceptual artist and Illustrator from Sweden. Producer at Leva Livet.



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